OT for every child

All children develop and grow differently. No matter how they do it though, there are certain milestones that have to be hit. If your child never reaches them it can affect their ability to reach their full potential as adults. If you want your kid to do better in school and in life, ask for an assessment. We can put any kid on a path of lifetime improvement and success.

OT for minor concerns

Is your child failing to reach their full potential? Are they behind their peers? It might not be by a lot, but small difficulties early on can disadvantage your kid and leave them feeling like failures. This sense of underachievement, or feeling mediocre will follow them through their school years but it’s relatively easy to fix.

OT for quirky kids

Worried about your child’s ability to cope? Do they struggle at home and at school? Does it impact on your interactions with them and have a detrimental effect on the whole family? Our rigorous one-to-one program has been developed specifically to support kids who struggle and our results are second to none. We can change your child’s life and restore sanity to your family.

Since 1993

Haller Method Visual

Using the Haller Method for influencing neuroplasticity

Maxine Haller's ground breaking practice is based around choice within safety. It’s a holistic way of thinking about the child that we are working with and addresses 5 areas within the context of a safe space:

  • Nutrition,
  • Trauma,
  • Stress Responses,
  • Connectivity and,
  • Neurological Maturity.

Because...if you only address one area, and your kid is struggling in any of the others or feels unsafe and so is on alert, you will not have a resolution that brings sanity back to your family. It takes the whole picture to change a whole person.

For more about the research behind our thinking click here


The Haller Method has achieved stunning successes in much shorter timescales than is usual for treating a number of common problems that kids experience. Maxine and her team have turned around the lives of countless children and their families. They could do the same for you.

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