Integrate Primitive Reflexes

If your kid is 6-11 years, you have internet access and you are willing to learn the steps during the session then implement while I guide online, this is totally do-able.

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Build Dyslexia Skills

Many times dyslexia revolves around not having a central reference point for visual items, not correctly, and consistently transfering auditory info to visual and vice versa and having some Primitive Reflexes inappropriately active. It can be influence through online work.

Penmanship Mastery

Writing, when approached as a movement engagment instead of visual copying exercise, is much easier to learn. We have put our penmanship club online and now the results we get are availble to everyone. Just sign up for the 12 week class and work at your own pace.

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Integrating Primitive Reflexes - online

Having someone to take you the next appropriate step is invaluable. If you randomly try to do integration exercises for reflexes without having something to integrate them into and without going according to the steps they are meant to build, you end up with "splinter skills". That means muscles that can contract together but are not part of the whole and do not build choice. They were not "integrated" into anything. A random skill just kinda hanging out there. We offer an opportunity to have very clear and precise guidance to the process. If you scored "needing professional assistance" on the meltdown questionaire - this is a good way to access help.

How does this online process for what is usually hands-on, work?

Building Dyslexia Skills

Dyslexia can make schooling hard. Many people with dyslexia see and understand the world in unique ways. Not having a consistent reference point from which to judge the spatial orientation of letters is just one quirk, that when established, can make reading and writing a totally different experience. Adding some "recalibration"  for how auditory information is understood adds a new layer to transfering auditory info to visual, that can open up whole worlds. We include the use the Stuctures of Intellect evaluation to identify exact educational stuggle points and we use indivualised workbooks and exercises to create brain connections that make schooling easier . All this can be done online.