How we as a clinic will be responding to the presence of COVID 19.

This is  hard topic with lots of controversy about what is and isn’t the truth, what is the best plan of action and it throws us right in the middle of vaccine controversies and all sort of beliefs and decisions about our bodies that are extremely personal, and should remain so, but whose impact on the community may be large enough for the government to begin having a say in how these need to play out.

The CDC has a risk assessment that they apply retroactively to health care workers and that can be the basis of lawsuits. Now that would just be an intense look at what should be and remain private health care practices. What we do with our bodies should be our decision.

KidsBrainTree FoCo has an alternative approach to traditionally managed symptoms of dysfunction around trauma and neural growth. As such we have actively avoided toxins, promoted natural immunity, suggested gut health improvement, and used energy techniques to facilitate function at various levels.

This means that to date we have not used severe cleaning supplies, instead we have focused on non-toxic options, used essential oils, had a HEPA filter for the air, and been pretty low key. We are no longer going to be able to do it solely this way - till this catastrophe is over. We have to be able to say we have done all that we can to not contribute to community spread, if we are called upon to. This is killing me to write.

From the beginning we have implementing all hands washing and have facemask wearing into the office.


We would like to do somethings and we have been going round and round with what is reasonable in the light of how this virus spreads.

  • The spread is by aerosolized droplets that land everywhere.
  • The route into bodies is via the eyes, nose and mouth, and open wounds (read skin that is chapped from washing too much/ too dry etc)
  • The virus can replicate without alerting your immune system for up to 24 days. (we get “symptoms” when our immune system responds) This could be linked to the HIV insertion into this modified SARS virus that is COVID 19 - this is NOT the flu.

We know that immune support is effective in being able to mobilize our body’s innate ability to deal with these things. The more we give our bodies the tools they need, the better they fight – but in our practice (KBTFOCO) we have the kids with food aversions, high cortisol and allergies.

I absolutely know that getting vitamins into these kids is impossible for some. I know that adding new foods just is not going to happen.

So we have come up with some things that we are hoping you will not find too arduous. The way around this is feeling complicated but maybe we have some options.

What we as a clinic have taken on:

We have started using harsher cleaners including Lysol and Clorox. So if you smell it sorry.

The biggest changes are the frequency with which we are doing this and the products we are using.

We used to clean everything 1x a week with Vinegar and Soda, wash the toys with soap – and wipe down with a light solution of tea tree oil and covered that smell with orange oil.

  • We have replaced this with a protocol for using Lysol/Clorox  - wiping of the outside door, the hand rails in the stairwell, entry door – knobs and wood both inside and outside before seeing clients and then after they have gone. So you may well smell it. Sorry.
  • We are Lysol/Clorox spraying the chairs in the waiting area, the toys – like the click math game, the magnetic games, we have started wiping the books down, and of course the surfaces – the table.
  • We are Lysol/Clorox spraying the bean bags and wiping the big balls, the edge of the ball pit and any toys taken out and used. We will spray the ball pit balls and they will go into a washing rotation 1x a week. More if necessary.
  • We have ionisers, UVC light and ozone makers in each room that are run at the end of each day
  • We are adhering to our own washing hands and face protocols.
  • We will still run the HEPA filter and we have UV C light on the surfaces through the day.
  • Since Viruses die when in contact with colloidal silver, we have been diffusing this throughout the clinic and have been alternating it with tea tree oil.
  • We are asking all our clients to give us a lock of hair, some finger nail clipping and a saliva swab as we now have the technology to measure the effects of Covid SARS exposure on the bio-energetics of people. We will be testing the samples each day and letting clients know if they clear to come in.

It is a bit technical but what you need to know is that this will also tell us if you may be contagious for the flu, for colds, strep  and other bugs. Since our preventative health decisions are being made by people who do not support immune building, we are in a strange exposure time. The normal function of immune systems is being challenged and we are seeing a rise in infection types that have not been common before including RSV and CMV. We can detect bio-resonance effects of exposure to these as well.

The more you can help us with the following the more effective we will be in not being part of the community spread.

  • Please adhere to the hand washing – both kid and accompanying adult.
  • If you or your kid has a cough or fever, please do not come to therapy. We want our child to be naturally fever free for 48 hours. We will check there samples the day of therapy and communicate with you.
  • If you or an immediate/nuclear family member living in your house happen to be exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID19 or is diagnosed with COVID19, please let us know, and we will need to make an individual plan.
  • Having a colloidal silver diffuser in your home would drop your personal viral loads and make it hard for this thing to get a hold.
  • If you happen to have a way of getting any or all of the following into yourselves or your kids, it would set you up well:
    • Vit D
    • Vit C
    • Vit B complex
    • Some of the anti-viral foods like
      • spirulina
      • elderberry
      • licorice
    • It may be worth using some of the antiviral oils in a diffuser
      • oregano Oil – 70 % carvacrol
      • tea tree (lightly use)

There are more things that you can do and we can have a conversation about those at another time.

These steps will help us be retroactively ruled out as a spreader of the disease, and will help us stay open as long as possible.

Should we do all this and still be quarantined, we can do online therapy.

It is not as effective as the hands-on components of what we do in the clinic. However I used to do a lot of online therapy for clients in Colorado, Ohio, Georgia, Florida and in South Africa. I was an online school therapist and did my job here in the US from South Africa. It is not my preference but certainly not impossible. I still do some treatments this way for overseas clients and I do most of my mentoring of OT’s this way

To that end, if you think you may want to take advantage of this option, there are some items that you would need to get to make it easier. It would be better to get them well before we need them as if there is a shut down – shops/amazon etc will not be an option at that time. We can work without them – but it is just alot easier with them.

  1. A peanut ball - 20 inch
  2. A bean bag of sorts – to land in
  3. A small $3 soft Walmart ball 8-10 inch
  4. A ball on a LONG string

We can get the basics done with this equipment set - in an emergency.

We will work via ZOOM. 991-646-1552 – so you will need to download the sign in page from

The first ½ hour we will connect WITHOUT a kid and I will teach you what to do. I have videos etc from teaching therapists. When you feel comfortable to try, you will do it with you child an di will watch. It is my superpower to be able see exactly what is going on.

I will give you feedback on technique and we try again.  I will guide you closely and you will be able to do what I am asking. I know each of you well enough to know how to guide you.

We will not do as much as in the clinic or when I don’t need to teach you first, but this may be a way to keep going without interrupting the flow – only the speed of goal achievement.

It will need a drastic step from local government to make this our only option, but at least we have one.

We hope you know that we have thought long and hard about this. Our goal is not to fear monger yet there is a very harsh reality facing us and not doing something about it would be so wrong. I am sorry that I have to have this conversation. Many of you know I am not afraid of hard things, but this is close to one of the hardest things I have had to do. I don’t ever want to be the person in charge of calling it for countries. OMG. What an awful job.

If it turns out we are all fine. I think no harm will have been done by this plan. If it goes the other way, then I want I plan in place.

Please feel free to contact me about any of this.