Bio Resonance Analysis Whole Body Scanning

Lymphocyte comparison

The Medicine Way Software can uniquely assess organ and system imbalances via Bio-Resonance. Every cell, tissue, organ and system in our body has a resonating frequency. Much like an orchestra. If one area of the body gets out of tune, it affects that individual’s entire performance or proper function.
The bio-resonance scanning evaluates the frequencies within the body, and thus can locate areas of stress or malfunction within a system by identifying frequencies associated with differing states and dysfunctions, even identifying the bio-resonance signature of bugs and parasites .
It can identify tissue frequencies that are not optimal before symptoms of disease occurs. Therapy can then be determined for personalized needs. This includes homeopathic and imprint remedies. Other interventions for stressors can also be recommended. The process is non-invasive and radiation free.
Common causes of stress that can lead to dysfunction include Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, Toxins and even too much Electro Magnetic exposure. System imbalances can be found in any of the body systems: Skeletal, nervous, muscular, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, urinary, lymphatic, sensory even hormonal.
The sensitivity of identifying a bio-resonance signature is very precise. It will identify beginning dysfunction long before medical diagnostics will. Be aware that medical diagnostics identify pathology and pathological conditions. This system identifies the initial stress response and the initial difficulty regulating in the system, organ or cell. The goal is to identify where homeostasis has been disrupted and where the body has weak areas. Disrupted homeostasis is the precursor to disease and pathology. It is often correctable before disease and degeneration are evident enough for a medical diagnosis. We therefore make no claims for diagnosis or the treatment of medically diagnosed conditions.
The contributing causes to the homeostasis disruption are vast and many are not under our control, but we have developed ways of optimizing outcomes and re-establishing homeostasis, of advising clients what to look more closely at and of creating outcomes that work together with clients goals.
We use the bio-resonance signature of specific states to direct us to the source of dysfunction. Solutions may vary and are often not medical in nature.

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