A common issue affecting gut health is parasites of which Roundworm and Pinworm are very high on the list.

We evaluate the presence of parasites using
bio-energetics which is non-invasive.
No messy stool samples, No false negetives.

Round worm

Once parasites have been identified as being part of what is decreasing nutritional intake, it is best to dispose of them as fast as you can. Waiting just makes it worse.
Besides getting some supplements that kill them, you will have to do some house keeping type jobs as they drop their eggs all over the place.
1. Wash all bedding on sanitary cycle
2. Wash underwear separately on the sanitary cycle - or if you were like me when I found this - I threw it out and bought new.
3. Get tighter around the leg underwear - the worms and the eggs fall out of loose boxer legs.
4. Vaccuum thoroughly several days in a row
5. Wash and sanitise the toilet

You will need to do this for a while until your family is worm free. It is a kinda gross feeling. Just grit your teeth and do what you need to to deal with it. There is no short cut. Google it too.

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What to get:

1. Mimosa Pudica Seeds.
This is a good brand from Amazon.
You can click on the picture to purchase.
Count on taking this for about 3 months.

2a. Nature Sunshines Para Cleanse for the adults in your family

2b. Cedar Bear Intestinal Cleanse for the kids. You may well need one bottle for each kid.

3. Reeses Pinworm Treatment
You need one for each member of the family
You will need to do a treatment 1x week for 3 weeks