This has been a long journey of finding options that did not make us sicker than we already were.

As we have been in the USA we have found that we were very niave about the food production chain. Our wakeup call was when milk produced signs of puberty in our 7 year old. NOT GOOD by any standards.

The journey has brought us to two conclusions.

  1. We need to grow our own food
  2. We need to supplement.

If anyone else has reached these conclusions and is looking for a trustworthy source of supplements, you are welcome to click on our

link to USANA products.

Usana is sponsor of several Athletic Teams across the sports spectrum. Women's basketball names include Jennifer Azzi and Lorrain Ferret.

But the best part I think is that the products passed the Olympic Commitee for being drug and stimulant free. I can trust that kind of quality for my kids.

Products available here