Having been diagnosed with Geopathy , I have had to find ways to protect my body from the effects of electro magnetic resonances that disrupt it's function.

I have found that using the Q-Link stablises my system enough for me to fly when I want to, go across lay lines without loosing function and be around the computer without it totally disrupting my absorbtion of nutrients. It helps my mental clarity and my focus. Jamie loves it and so does Matt. We are bit overboard in that we have ones in our cars too, and ones that we attach to a cellphone battery that we carry on our person when shopping, while Jamie is in school and at restaurants. it seems to create a bubble around us.

At the office we have 2 plugged in and this keeps our treatment areas relatively stable from emf disruption. We may need more later.

So I have a link here for you to get the products if this is an issue you face.


5G is an issue for Geopathy.

The Weston Price Foundation has a good article on this.


More information about Q-Link

Why a Q-link?

As a health professional, I am always on the lookout for devices that will help myself, my family and my clients. The Q-Link promised enhanced well-being, performance and quality of life. These are great claims, but I would never recommend a product before I did the research and tested it on myself.

As the Q-Link website says, the way the Q-link works is based on research by scientists, health and wellness professionals and a growing number of academic and sports authorities. They have all discovered, and are describing, the vital link between the strength and amplitude of the body’s natural resonance frequencies and a person’s corresponding sense of well-being, physical and mental function and quality of life.

Of course, we don’t really need researchers or doctors to tell us how important this is or that it exists, because there’s something in each of us and in our experiences that already understands this energetic connection. How else should we explain how our mental outlook instantly improves with just the right word, smile, loving look or touch from another or why we feel uplifted from a thoughtful compliment or action? And why do we feel physically and spiritually enlivened in the presence of a harmonious orchestra, in someone else’s triumph, when we meditate, think positively or in the exploration of our faith? That’s resonance at work!

Perhaps our best reference point for resonance being a key influencer in our lives is found in our inextricable link to nature. By just immersing ourselves in nature - our body, mind and spirit become balanced, restored and strengthened. We’re drawn to nature because it’s already in us, because we’re already a part of it, and it’s why we want to dig our toes in the sand, smell a salty sea breeze, sit in a park, lie out in the sun, get next to a roaring waterfall or gaze at a sunset glow from a high mountain top. In nature, we feel as if we are returning to our best selves!

And that’s what Q-Link’s natural resonant frequencies are about – working for you 24/7, everywhere you go, in every situation and when you want and need to perform your best (especially when you’re under pressure). And that’s critical. Not only do our chaotic lives and uncontrollable stress-filled lifestyles and environments take a toll on our innate resonance; we’re also often too busy or unable to regularly access or commune with nature or participate in resonance-restoring activities.

The research Q-link has done on their devices is impressive, and I went through it all before deciding to purchase. They have worked with researchers from around the world, including Standford in the US, Imperial College in the UK and the University of Wollongong in Australia. Papers on effectiveness have been published in several peer-reviewed journals. You can see that research here: https://www.shopqlink.com/blogs/research-summaries

How does it work

The Q-link website tells you that, physical science has shown us that every material object and every living thing has a natural resonance frequency or frequencies which are determined by that object’s physical structure. Science also shows that when something is exposed to external frequencies that match its unique resonance frequency, then that object literally becomes stronger, more stable and its natural energies more coherent. This natural resonant effect operates in human beings too. We sense it, we know it, and we certainly experience its energies when we feel relaxed and focused, when a close friend or loved ones surround us, and when we find ourselves in nature.

Grounded in these scientific discoveries and reflecting human experience, at the very heart of all Q-Link® products is the proprietary crystalline core which we call Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ (SRT™). It is this SRT-core that reinforces the body’s resonance, returning it to a clearer and more balanced natural state. From the Latin root word resonare, “to resonate” literally means “return to sound”; so when two objects interact sympathetically, just like two similarly tuned tuning forks, or two friends coming together, their energies interact and amplify each other.
Q-Link products are programmed with an array of natural frequencies that resonate with the body’s natural energy frequencies. The resulting resonant effect is similar to the healthy, energizing experiences we have in nature, in positive interactions with others, and while participating in self-balancing, restorative activities. And because it takes less effort and energy to maintain an object already functioning at more ideal “resonance frequencies”, the more often you wear or use Q-Link, the better it can work for you.

If you think a Q-link might be a good option for you, then use the link on the right to find out more.

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This is one of the most comprehensive articles I have read on geopathic stress.