Healy has a collection of frequencies put together in specific programs that have a known lifestyle supportive effects on different functions. All the frequencies - more than 144 000 - are mediated through the little Square Box referred to as the Quantum Sensor.

The programs have been classed together and put on pages and the pages have been grouped into editions for sale.

These programs are for wellness and the promotion of personal awareness and growth.

how the programs come

These are the Micro-current programs available sorted into the different editions:

There are 4 editions: Gold, Holistic Health, Holistic Health+ and the Resonance

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What does the Healy Resonance do differently to the other Editions?

  1. When you purchase a Healy Resonance you get TWO modes of frequency delivery. The frequencies available to your body can be provided by
    • microcurrent and
    • by resonating them into your information field.
  2. so you will need to download TWO apps - one for the micro-current and one for the resonance functions.
  3. The Resonance is able to scan your information field to analyze the frequencies it finds and provide a list of the frequencies in its data base that you could benefit from, in any given moment.
  4. The Resonance is able to resonate the frequencies of the micro-current pages into your field. It however does not do the individual programs. In this way it supports your information field function and leaves the micro-current app and programs to support your cellular function.

The Healy-Advisor Analyse App:

(Used with the Healy Resonance)

Emerging science supports the use of Information Field Analysis and optimisations as goals or affirmations. Information Field Analysis and optimisations are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent disease and are not substitutes for examination or treatment by a medical doctor or other healthcare professional. Healy provides personalised information that can help users understand how to improve their level of well being, vitality and awareness.

Healy information should not be the only information relied on to make legal, business, medical or personal relatioship decisions, and the manufacturer specifically disclaims any responsibilty for user actions based on Healy information.

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