Integrated Listening Systems (iLs)

What is iLs?

iLs is a multi-sensory program for improving brain function. What this means is that iLs  music and movement and sometimes language exercises done in combination to improve brain function. iLs is based on the fact that we can change our brain. We can re-wire it through specific and repeated stimulation. This is a concept known as neuroplasticity. In the same way as we can build up our muscles with physical exercise, we can build neurological pathways and synaptic activity (connections) in our brains. This will enhance your child’s ability to interpret and interact with the world around them. iLs programs are customised to the needs of each child and are designed to be fun. They could be used on their own or together with other Occupational Therapy methods.

Where is iLs most effective?

Any child would benefit from iLs in the following areas:

Learning & Attention: Our programs influence learning, reading, motor skills, attention and emotional regulation, speech, auditory and sensory processing.

Autism & Developmental Difficulties: iLs’ customized programs can be tailored for skill and abilities. Symptoms addressed include: emotional regulation, social skills, anxiety, auditory and sensory processing, attention, concentration and sleep.​

Enhanced Performance: iLs is used by students, athletes and professionals of all ages to achieve better attention, mental acuity and motor coordination.

People who put in the hours of listening and do the exercises in the iLs program find that their talents begin to emerge. They flourish more quickly than they would with a standard coaching and medication regimen. iLs helps people develop their full potential.

What would my child be doing?

We start with music and movement. Then we can slowly add in language and cognitive processes if they are indicated. This is the process of acquiring and understanding knowledge through our thoughts, experiences, and senses. The exercises appear simple but become harder as we add new layers that have to be processed at the same time. Your child will gain confidence as they acquire new skills. They are also challenged to improve and to meet the new levels of difficulty.

To achieve the best outcome, parents will have to work with their child at home on this program. ILs is not complicated to implement at home, but it does require commitment, planning and some guidance. iLs programs are typically 30-60 minutes in length, 3-5 times per week over a 2-6 month period. You will be trained in how to support your child with the home implementation of the program.

We do offer iLs in conjunction with a sensory motor program 3x a week if you feel you would rather drop your child off for 60 minutes.

How Integrated Listening Systems Works

As explained by Ron Minson, M.D. & Edward Hallowell, M.D.: “How Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) Works”:
Everything that happens to us is stored in the synapse. Nerve impulses cross a synapse to send signals around our bodies. So by sending information repeatedly through the synapses, the brain grows new synapses. This is in response to something called neuroplasticity. It’s modified by experience. The more information that goes through this pathway, the stronger it becomes. So we have more pathways and stronger pathways by repeated stimulation. Then if you engage multiple pathways simultaneously, you further increase the brain’s ability to multitask. The iLs system combines listening and auditory stimulation with movement and visual activities. So you have an auditory system that improves auditory processing which is important for reading and speech and language. It talks to the visual system, also important for reading and orienting sound. These talk to the vestibular system, an inner ear system that has to do with coordination, balance, muscle tone and regulation of all of our movements and our position in space. We have networks of systems going on simultaneously that are being stimulated at the same time. In addition to this, movement is added. The movement talks to all of these other systems because networks that fire together wire together. By providing simultaneous sensory input through multiple systems, you’re improving brain function, interconnectivity and strength. And the quality of that input is crucial because faulty input is going to mean faulty output.
You can find out more about iLs from the Integrated Listening Systems website.

KidsBrainTree FoCo offers Home Program monitoring of Integrated Listening System Programs

KidsBrainTree FoCo offers Home Program monitoring of Integrated Listening System Programs. If you rent from iLs directly there is no charge to you for this service, but you do need to use my provider number which is 495-0719.  You can also rent directly from me.

We can do HP monitoring in person at my Fort Collins Office or online via Zoom. The zoom room number is and you will need to have scheduled a 20 minute free talk with me first before you start – so that you and I both know how we want to work together.

All our therapists are qualified iLs providers. They have certifications at an advanced level to implement “Mother’s Voice” programmes as well. These are customised programs requiring equipment rental or purchase.

Contact us to discuss how this cutting-edge neuroplastic technology could benefit your child.