How to stop fighting and bring out the best in your child and yourself in just three steps

Are you:

  • always fighting with your kids;
  • finding yourself raising your voice a lot more than you want to;
  • struggling to get the connection you want;
  • hating this parenting thing?

Do you want:

  • authentic connection;
  • to know what to say and do to turn your child’s destructive behaviour’s off;
  • to calm your child in minutes;
  • build beautiful, fun relationships?

Then join my skilful parenting book study group.

Over 4 weeks we will study Say What You See by Sandra Blackard (with author permission). This excellent, and surprisingly short, little book, looks at the process of how to connect deeply with little ones.

Sandra Blackard has de-mystified the actions you need to take to engage in a truly authentic way with your children. I love the book so much I have used many of the techniques at my practice. Along with working through the book together, I will share several personal insights that are helpful when practicing this particular new skill set. These are similar to what I have my clients do at the clinic in Fort Collins.

This is the handbook for interacting with children that would have been really helpful to me personally - 22 years ago.

Nowhere will you find a simpler or more positive approach for coaching children or yourself. The book starts from the position that children are inherently great and the parents’ job is to help them see it. Through this study group, you will gain simple tools for finding hidden greatness in your child and yourself.

As you work through this course, you will come to have a much deeper understanding of your child’s needs and of your own needs. Your relationship with your child will change. With better understanding will come better connection and behavior. You’ll also be challenged to learn more about yourself that will help you grow as a person.

This course is aimed at helping you to help yourself. On occasion, though you might find yourself overwhelmed, unable to focus on a course or in need of immediate support. If you feel that a small group mentoring time - where you can talk about your child or a particular incident - would be helpful - these are available.

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