NeuroDevelopmental Movement Training

What is NeuroDevelopmental Movement Training?

NeuroDevelopmental Movement Training is a bottom up approach to development using specific movements based on the way babies and children are innately designed to grow. There are many developmental theorists who have documented this process in great detail from Ed Snapp to Piaget, Erikson and Gesell. Mary Fiorintini has documented the way Primitive Reflexes are part of the process and Margot Heiniger with Shirley Randolph have taken great pains to explain every detail of how this works neurophysiologically.
At Kids Brain Tree we implement an amalgamated view of these theories into practice and have the most phenomenal results.
Our Primitive Reflex (infant or neonatal) integration program uses developmentally informed movements, Rehab theory from Brunnstrom, gentle Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF), NeuroDevelopmental Techniques(NDT) and interoception with kinesthetic figure ground to rebuild the foundations necessary to help overcome learning, sensory, emotional and behavioural challenges for children and adults.

Kids Brain Tree and Primitive Reflex Integration

At Kids Brain Tree we have integrated several Primitive Reflex Integration Methods and movement theories into the way we treat. It is a core part of how we grow brain connections. We use several easy to learn movements that can be done at home so that the more complicated re-wiring of brain pathways can be done at our clinic. We expect clients to do up to 15 minutes of directed movement at home as part of the treatment plan. We have found that the more clients are compliant with this, the faster and more sure the progress.