Our New Picturebook to Help Parents and Siblings of a Crying Baby

We are excited to announce that we have published a brand new picture book! The aim of the book is to help siblings and parents of a baby who won’t stop crying

Do you have a baby who won’t stop crying? Are you at your wits end? Are older siblings struggling to adapt to the new child?

Help is at hand. Noah and the Baby Who Won’t Stop Crying, will provide you with a tool kit of helpful suggestions that will bring relief to your crying baby, you and any older siblings. It is written from a child’s perspective and in language that is easy for children to understand. This book will entertain and help any family adapting to a new addition. It was written by a storyteller, Emily Echo, and an Occupational Therapist specialising in treating children, Maxine Haller OTR/L, CST. You will be entertained and supported by the story and gain new skills to help stop your baby from crying. The font for the book has also been selected to make it easy to read, especially for children with dyslexia.

Emily and Maxine became friends in high school in South Africa. Their friendship endured despite Emily moving to Europe (Lisbon, London and back to Lisbon) and Maxine moving to America (Ohio and now Fort Collins, Colorado). They have always kept in touch and visited each other when they could. Emily was amazed at the results Maxine gets when helping quirky kids, crying babies, children who have meltdowns and kids with autism. It turns out that targeted physical exercise can help brains build connections. Something that may look like a mental or emotional problem for a child can often be fixed through physical actions. Body mapping, which is demonstrated in the book, is a helpful first step that any parent can do. 

Emily and Maxine realised that there was an opportunity to work together to help struggling children and their parents. They could see that a children’s book would be an ideal way to get this simple support across. This first book is just the beginning. They will be collaborating on more books that use tried and tested occupational therapy techniques to solve problems that kids might encounter at home, school, and when socialising with peers.

ISBN: 9781999609450

Published: 2 July 2019

Available on Kindle and in Paperback 

Every effort has been made to ensure the information we have supplied in the book is relevant and safe. See our disclaimer about the use of this book as a reference guide.

Contact for interviews and more information:

Maxine Haller OTR/L, CST: (USA) 970 818 8768

[email protected]

Marina Pacheco (AKA Emily Echo): (Portugal) +351 935 077 077

[email protected]

Contact Marina for additional images from the book.

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